Most Common Questions & Answers about Coast to Coast Resorts

What is Camp Coast to Coast?

Coast to Coast (CCC) provides a reciprocal service which expands the recreation and vacation opportunities derived fro membership in a Home Resort.  CCC also provides a number of other services and benefits for resort members.


Who may join CCC?

The general public cannot join CCC.  Only members of a resort which is affiliated with CCC may join.  These resorts pay substantial affiliation fees and meet stringent requirements for the CCC service.
When was CCC founded?

CCC was founded in 1972 and is now owned by Good Sam Enterprises.

Where does CCC have it's headquarters?

In Englewood, Colorado at: 64 Inverness Drive East, Englewood, Colorado 80112.

What does it cost to join CCC?
The initial membership fee is determined by your member's Home Resort.  Members renew their CCC membership for $99.95 per year.
Does a membership run on a calendar year or does it start from the date submitted on the application?
CCC memberships are good for 12 months from the date you join.  Your next billing will be on your anniversary.
How long will it take to receive my membership card?
Your permanent membership card should reach you within 30 days from the time your application is received by CCC.  You Home Resort will issue you a CCC temporary membership card good for 60 days from when you join..
May I begin using the CCC service immediately?
Certainly.  You may begin using the CCC resorts as soon as you receive your membership card.  A temporary membership card provided by your Home Resort will give you immediate access.
What do I need to be admitted to a CCC resort?
A CCC membership card, a Home Resort ID and a drivers license.
When do I pay me annual dues at CCC?
Members receive a renewal notice each year prior to their anniversary date.
If I decide not to renew my membership but change my mind later on, can I renew it at a later Date?
Yes, however, there is a $100.00 reinstatement fee plus a renewal fee of $99.95.
How many membership cards do I receive with my membership?
One,  Additional or replacement cards can be issued for a $5.00 processing fee.
If I sell my resort membership, is the new owner eligible for CCC?

Yes, but CCC must be notified in writing of the transferal of membership.  An application must also be signed by the new owner and a $20 transfer fee must be paid.

May I use all the CCC resorts?
You may use all the resorts located outside the 125 mile radius of your Home resort.  However, your Home Resort may have special reciprocal visiting agreements with nearby resorts.
Does the 125 mile rule apply to air or driving miles?
Air miles.
From what point is the 125 miles measured?
It is from your Home Resort (the resort that you purchased at).
How do I know which resorts participate in the CCC program?
First, check your Resort Directory.  You may also go online at, check with your Home Resort or give CCC a call.
Do all CCC Resorts have RV sites?
All the RV resorts do.  However, some resorts are accepted into the CCC program on a provisional basis while under construction.  These resorts have agreed to build RV sites and extensive recreational facilities, but may not have everything at first.
What is the per night charge at a CCC resort?
For each night stay at a CCC affiliated resort, you pay ten dollars ($10) or 1000 trip points.  Pre paid accounts are set up at CCC and can be accessed by telephone or through the internet.  For each night stay at a Good Neighbor Park, you pay fifteen dollars ($15) or 1500 trip points or a special discounted rate for Coast members which is typically 20%-25% off the standard price.
May I bring guest to CCC resorts?
Yes, but the number of persons per site reservation is limited to one family unit plus two additional persons and no more than four 4 adults.
If I have a question regarding CCC, what should I do first?
First, consult your CCC directory.  If you are not able to find the answer contact CCC member services on the toll free number.


What are the CCC office hours?
Visit the website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:, or call Member Services at 800-368-5721, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. , Eastern Standard Time.
CCC Definitions


A resort that had been approved by CCC and agrees to provide reciprocal privileges to CCC members.


The affiliated resort at which you are a member / owner.


The affiliated resort which will be accommodating your reservation.


A CCC affiliated resort member/owner in good standing with their Home Resort and CCC (i.e. current on all appropriate fees).


These resorts have RV sites and facilities for RV enthusiasts.


Facilities to accommodate various types of recreational vehicles. For example: Motor-homes, campers, travel trailers, pop-ups and fifth wheels. See Resort Directory page for availability and site utilities.

The CCC membership is only available to  members of a resort that is affiliated with CCC.  The CCC  membership dues are separate from your Home Resort dues.
125 Mile Rule
Members are not able to use resorts that are within a 125 air mile radius of their Home Resort. Your Home Resort is where you purchase your resort membership.
Membership Identification
All members are required to present a Home Resort membership card and their CCC membership card upon check-in. Members without proper identification will not be accepted at the Hosting Resort. Please be sure you have these two items prior to your visit. Additional and/or replacement CCC membership cards may be ordered through CCC Member Services Office for $5.00.  In the event that your card has been lost or stolen and you are on the road, CCC can verify your membership with the park you are scheduled to visit.
Making a Reservation

Be sure to carefully and completely read all the reservation information provided.

1) Select a resort you would like to visit

2) Select your arrival and departure dates

3) Call CCC toll free or access to make a reservation.


Your request for reservations to use the CCC network of resorts may be made by either calling the toll free telephone number or accessing the internet site.  Your reservations will be easy if you remember to plan your trip before placing the reservation.

Here are a few points to remember:

  • Consult your CCC Travel Directory for your desired resort location.
  • Note available times, special reservation requirements and restrictions.
  • Choose your arrival and departure dates for each resort.
  • Know the number of adults and children in your party.
  • Make sure you have enough trip points in your account to make the trip.  To replenish your account either go online to  or call the toll free telephone number.
  • Have your Coast to Coast membership number ready.
  • Reservations may be made from 4-60 days in advance.
  • Pets are permitted in most resorts. Check your directory for any applicable restrictions.
  • Affiliated resorts do not allow reservations from CCC members whose Home Resort is located less that 125 miles away. Please check with the resort that you intend to visit if you are considering reservations that would be affected by this policy.
  • Extended visits, if permitted by the Host Resort are subject to space availability.
  • Requests for reservations will be accepted only from CCC members in good standing with their Home Resort and CCC..
  • Resort location maps on each resort page in the CCC Travel Directory are provided as a general guide and to highlight points of interest.
Good Neighbor Parks
Passport America Membership
You have the added benefit of enjoying the Good Neighbor Park system. This is over 200 RV resorts in addition to the 200 member parks. These resorts are listed in the back of your resort travel directory and can be visited anytime. Although these resorts are not subject to the private member license agreement all of these resorts agree to host Coast to Coast members at $15 per night or 1500 trip points or a special discounted rate for Coast members which is typically 20%-25% off the standard price.